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Social Work Transfer Guide for Montcalm Community College

Ferris Program: Social Work
Degree Type: Bachelor of Science
Ferris College: College of Arts, Sciences, and Education
Transfer School: Montcalm Community College
Consortium Eligible: No
Total Credits Required: 120-121
Catalog Year: 2022-2023

General Education Requirements

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20-21 Credits Required

Students are encouraged to work with an advisor to select appropriate general education courses. Diversity Competency - 2 Courses Required. If not met by courses taken for Culture, Self and Society, or MTA, a student must meet the following: 1 course with the Global Diversity attribute and 1 course with the U.S. Diversity attribute.

Visit the Ferris State general education page for more information.

  •  Communication Competency

    The Communication (COMM) course chosen depends on the Communication (COMM) course taken in the Major Courses section. 

    Ferris Course Ferris Course Title Ferris Credit Hours Transfer Course
    ENGL 150 English 1 3 ENGL 100
    ENGL 250 English 2 3 ENGL 101
    ENGL 321 or
    ENGL 323
    Advanced Composition or Proposal Writing 3 No Equivalent

    * 3 Credits Required: COMM 105, 121, or 221 is met in Major Requirements. 

  •  Quantitative Literacy

    MATH 114 or 117 is recommended.  

    Ferris Course Ferris Course Title Ferris Credit Hours Transfer Course
    MATH 114 or MATH 115 or MATH 117 Quantitative Reasoning for Professionals 2 or Intermediate Algebra or Contemporary Mathematics 4 or 3 or 4 No Equivalent or MATH 104 or MATH 102
  •  Natural Sciences Competency

    Two courses are required with a minimum of 6 credits: must have at least one lab course. The Biology (BIOL) course chosen depends on the course taken in the Major Courses section. 

    Ferris Course Ferris Course Title Ferris Credit Hours Transfer Course
    Varies Natural Sciences Elective 3 Varies
  •  Cultural Competency

    Three courses are required with a minimum of 9 credits: must be from two different disciplines and have at least one 200 level or higher course. The Religion (RELG) course chosen depends on the course taken in the Major Courses section. 

    Ferris Course Ferris Course Title Ferris Credit Hours Transfer Course
    Varies Culture Electives 6 Varies
  •  Self and Society Competency

    Three courses are required with a minimum of 9 credits: must be from two different disciplines, have at least one 200 level or higher course, and at least one Self and Society Foundation course. The Political Science (PLSC) and Sociology (SOCY) courses chosen depend on the courses taken in the Major Courses section. 

College Requirements

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100 Credits Required

  •  Major Requirements

    88 Credits Required. 

    Ferris Course Ferris Course Title Ferris Credit Hours Transfer Course
    BIOL 101 or
    BIOL 103 or
    BIOL 109 or
    BIOL 111
    Genetics Human Aspects or Biological Concepts or
    Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology or Environmental Biology
    4 No Equivalent or BIOL 100 or
    BIOL 105 or
    No Equivalent
    COMM 105 or COMM 121 or COMM 221 Interpersonal Communication or Fundamentals of Public Speaking or Small Group Decision Making 3 COMM 220 or COMM 210 or COMM 230
    SCWK 110 Introduction to the Social Work Profession 3 No Equivalent
    PLSC 121 or
    PLSC 122
    American Government 1 - People and Politics or
    American Government 2 - Policy Making
    3 POLI 240 or
    No Equivalent
    SOCY 121 or
    ANTH 122 or
    SOCY 122
    Introductory Sociology or Introduction to Cultural Anthropology or Social Problems 3 SOCI 230 or
    ANTH 260 or
    SOCI 235
    SCWK 130 Social Work Interviewing Skills 1 3 No Equivalent
    PSYC 150 Introduction to Psychology 3 PSYC 120
    SCWK 170 Agency and Program Orientation 1 No Equivalent
    SCWK 191 Introductory Field Experience 3 No Equivalent
    SCWK 210 Introduction to Social Welfare 3 No Equivalent
    RELG 215 or
    RELG 325 or
    RELG 326
    Comparative Religions or Eastern Religions or
    Western Religions
    3 PHIL 221 or
    No Equivalent or
    No Equivalent
    SCWK 220 Individual and Family Practice 4 No Equivalent
    ECON 201 or
    ECON 202 or
    SOCY 443
    Principles of Microeconomics or Principles of Macroeconomics or
    Social Stratification and Inequality
    3 ECON 216 or
    ECON 215 or
    No Equivalent
    SOCY 225 or
    SOCY 230
    Marriage and the Family or
    Gender Roles in Society
    3 No Equivalent
    PSYC 226 or
    EDUC 251
    Lifespan Human Development or Human Growth Development 3 PSYC 235 or
    No Equivalent
    SCWK 240 Foundations of Practice 3 No Equivalent
    SCWK 310 Social Work Policy and Political Advocacy 3 No Equivalent
    SCWK 320 Group and Community Practice 4 No Equivalent
    SCWK 330 Social Work Interviewing 2 4 No Equivalent
    SOCY 340 Race and Ethnicity in the United States 3 SOCY 340
    SCWK 350 Applied Social Research Methods 3 No Equivalent
    SCWK 370 Field Instruction Orientation 1 No Equivalent
    SCWK 380 or SCWK 381 or
    SSCI 450
    International Social Work or International Engagement in Haiti or Intercultural Competence 3 No Equivalent
    SCWK 450 Applied Social Research Statistics 3 No Equivalent
    SCWK 481 Field Instruction Seminar 1 2 No Equivalent
    SCWK 482 Field Instruction Seminar 2 2 No Equivalent
    SCWK 491 Field Instruction 1 6 No Equivalent
    SCWK 492 Field Instruction 2 6 No Equivalent
  •  Electives

    In order to graduate with a bachelor's degree, a student must have a minimum of 120 credits. The electives required for each student may vary depending on courses taken. Based on how a student meets the programmatic requirements, they may need more or less than 12 credits of elective courses to meet the required 120 credit minimum. 

    Ferris Course Ferris Course Title Ferris Credit Hours Transfer Course
    Varies Electives (Advisor Approval) 12 Varies

Program Contact Information

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College of Arts, Sciences, and Education
Social Work
(231) 591-2737
[email protected] 

Ferris Statewide - Montcalm Community College
(616) 451-4777
[email protected]

Admission Requirements

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New Student Admission Requirements

  • 2.50 High School GPA (on a 4.00 scale)
  • Minimum Composite ACT Score of 17/SAT 900

Transfer Student Admission Requirements

  • Combined college or university GPA of 2.00 (on a 4.00 scale) from all institutions attended. GPA based on completion of 12 transferable semester credit hours or more.
  • The degree completion program at a statewide and online location requires 48 transferable semester credits to be admitted.

More Information

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Select courses may be delivered online and/or in a mixed delivery format (i.e. a mix of online and face-to-face instruction at the Ferris Main Campus or at a statewide location).

To fulfill the residency requirement for a bachelor’s degree a student must earn a minimum of 30 credits from Ferris State University.

Steps to Apply

  • Complete your free application.
  • Submit official transcripts
    • Submit official transcripts from every school attended to [email protected]
    • Or mail to:
      Ferris State University Admissions Office
      1201 S. State St., CSS 201
      Big Rapids, MI 49307
  • Submit test scores (if required)
    • ACT Scores; go to the ACT website - Ferris State University School Code: 1994
    • SAT, CLEP and AP Sores; go to the College Board website - Ferris State University School Code: 1222

Advising Notes

It is recommended that potential applicants meet with an advisor to review the degree, course schedule, transfer policies and have any questions answered prior to completing an application. Ferris accepts transfer courses in which the student earned a letter grade of "C" or better. Additional policies such as the Ferris Sunset and Residency Requirement should be discussed with a Ferris advisor. Students who are completing the MTA may have different general education course requirements for the particular degree selected.

Meeting with a Ferris advisor prior to the selection of general education or elective coursework may reduce the chance of completing a course that will not apply toward the selected degree. Students must work with their Ferris advisor to declare a Minor or Concentration and for the selection of Directed Electives.

Once admitted, students are required to complete an orientation and should continue to meet with an advisor as they work toward graduation.

To schedule an appointment or for additional transfer resources and policies see our Transfer Resource page.

*Indicates an approved Ferris course substitution

Reverse Transfer Agreement

Ferris has reverse transfer agreements with several Michigan Community Colleges. Under such agreement, Ferris will provide your official University transcript to a partner school you have attended, so that they may grant you an associate or bachelor's degree upon completion of sufficient and appropriate credit hours from both institutions. In turn, the degree-granting institution will provide Ferris with an updated transcript reflecting the newly earned credential.

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Ferris participates in the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). This agreement will facilitate the transfer of general education requirements from one Michigan institution to another. Students may complete the MTA as part of a degree program or as a stand-alone package. The MTA consists of a minimum of 30 general education credit hours as identified by the college or university.

Students transferring to Ferris with the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) and entering a degree program will have met a 30-hour block of lower-level general education courses. However, this does not exempt students from completing program-specific prerequisites or higher-level general education course requirements. Students should contact their advisor regarding classes that meet the MTA.

Transfer Equivalencies Tools

The transfer equivalencies link is located in the Transfer Resources section at


Transfer guides are not intended to be a contract with Ferris. The information in this guide is subject to change and is aligned with the catalog year listed above. Students should contact their community college and/or Ferris to keep informed of changes. Students' final responsibility for verifying all transfer information lies with the student. Please refer to the Ferris catalog for the most current curriculum.

Partners may contact the Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships with questions or updates at [email protected].